New website, new team and new brand partner!

It's been a good while since a post on here and the excuses are thin on the ground - a combination of being busy in the Arctic, negotiating exciting new agreements and plain old 'not getting around to it'!

Dark Ice

Well, there's been lots of good news. Dark Ice (the Dark Ice Project) is alive and well, ready to launch this December and with a great online video offering due to go live soon. The old and fairly tired website has had a complete redesign and we're really pleased with it. In December when this website goes quiet, it'll be your hub for the lastest news of our progress en route to the North Pole in winter - tracking us and hopefully getting into a dialogue live from the ice! Here's a snap of the homepage but check it out since there's lots of smooth scrolling and designy coolness going on there.

After the drama of last winter and also the immediate ending of that crucial 'phase one' of the project, the depot-laying meant for that season was pushed back. Instead of delaying the whole expedition a year, I travelled up to Qaanaaq in the High Arctic last month (August) to lay supplies by boat with the assistance of some great people - both local and not.

Far more important than the website though is the news that the Dark Ice team has doubled in size and after months of introductions and a lot of soul-searching, I'm thrilled to unveil the new group planning to take on the polar winter with me:

They are James Wheeldon from the UK, Anastasia Kim from Siberia and Anders Rasmussen from Denmark. I'm sure that the combination of youthful motivation, experience and varied skills will give us the very best chance of success. To find out more, check out the Dark Ice team page.


Finally and on a completely different note: building a career around polar travel means building partnerships with a wide array of brilliant people and inspirational brands. As such, I'm beyond excited to be working with Wolsey as their rebirth catapults them back in the luxury menswear industry. I am representing them as a Global Brand Ambassador and although only having come on board a few weeks ago, the sheer calibre of the team and the quality of the products make it blindingly clear it's to be a great future! Lots and lots in store so look out for more news.

Formed back in 1755, they have a truly substantial background in the pioneering age of polar exploration, outfitting both British and Norwegian competitors for the Poles a century ago.


Image copyright Wolsey Ltd.

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