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Meet Alex

Alex Hibbert is the world record-holding polar traveller who has skied further on an unsupported Arctic journey than anyone in history.

“In July 2008, Alex completed his 1374-mile, 113-day ‘Long Haul’ return crossing of a new ice sheet route along with team-mate George Bullard. They received no resupplies or physical support and completed the final week on almost no food.”


32 years old - 452 days in the cold - 189 days unsupported

Highly active in the polar and cold regions, Alex has led independent projects every year since 2006. Journeys since the Long Haul have included a high-speed icecap crossing (330 miles in less than 12 days), an on-going Dark Ice Project (North Pole in winter) and nearly half a year living with the Polar Eskimos.

He is a prolific speaker, with clients such as Grant Thornton, Rolls Royce plc and Aberdeen Asset Management, and an author of four books; The Long Haul, Maybe, Kalaallit Nunaat and Polar Eskimo. Other media has included appearances on primetime BBC, Channel 4, FIVE and guest columns for The Daily Telegraph. His photographic collection has been published in every corner of the globe and he has been a BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalist three times - this passion for the natural world leading to a degree in biology from Oxford University.

Alex has been described as ‘ground-breaking’ by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, ‘passionate… and fascinating’ by Wanderlust magazine and his strong writing style has attracted both accolades and debate.