Cushe Tammerack 2011 waterproof boot review

I have recently been given the opportunity to test the brand new Cushe Tammerack boots. They are placed at the 'robust' end of their range of stylish, yet well-designed lifestyle footwear.

Whilst the normal habitats for shoes from Cushe are the beach or urban locations, the Tammarack is a crossover. Form is clearly high on the priority list, as with their entire range, but would the functionality match their looks? They don't pretend to be highly technical outdoor boots for snow or hiking use and therein lies their strength - as a crossover shoe/boot. As long as you don't overstretch them, they won't disappoint as approach shoes or for 'around basecamp' during time off.

The quality of materials, stitching and waterproofing (didn't leak with my use even with high level immersion) are very good. Another use of these might be for foot recovery when bare-feet aren't an option - perhaps after a long insertion hike or between climbs and reconnaissance trips. They really are comfortable, very comfortable. The sole tread isn't too heavy-duty - fine for gravel and paths but not up to heavily broken ground or ice/snow.


Verdict - excellent quality and fine for use within its limitations as a lightweight waterproof outdoor boot/shoe.


Alex HibbertComment