More grit and fewer sweeping vistas

I've often found that after my talks and when generally discussing my arctic Long Haul in 2008, people tend to be particularly interested in the more unlikely photos. Not the wide, open views of the icecap landscape but rather the mundane details of everyday life. As a result, I've pulled together some snaps from my 1374 mile unsupported trip with George Bullard. Not pretty but they tell a story:

George showing the extent of our weight loss 70 days into the 113 day expedition

My portrait after 100 days. Modelling career here I come!

About to tension the tent to make it safe against the sudden violence of icecap winds

A bit steamy before remembering to open the ventilation flaps! 

Enjoying tinned fruit on my birthday

Frosted up in the early days at thirty below zero.

The effects on my fingers of spending just a few moments too long outside answering the call of nature

Ok, it's a landscape, but here the cloudiness of the picture is due to snow drift in 45mph winds and air temperature below -35. A tough day

Writing my diary in the tent with a nice mug of hot choc.

Dinner time!

Conked out after a tough one


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