sparse expeds down south this season

AntarcticaDomeCSnowThe recession seems to have hit expedition fund-raising even more this year. There are precious few expeditions due to take place and almost nothing with any novelty. A few repeats of the highway between Hercules Inlet and the South Pole. Two Swedes will attempt that route, despite a website that refers to 670 arctic miles? Ben Saunders will attempt a speed record in the lead up to his speed attempt North next season.

The most exciting venture is that of mountaineers Cecilie Skog, Rolf Bae's widow, and Ryan Waters. They will attempt an unsupported route from Berkner Island on the true coast to the Pole and then beyond. Curiously, despite making the extra effort and expense of starting from Berkner, they plan to travel no further than the Axel Heiberg glacier, many miles short of open water. Importantly, they will travel without kites - unusual in recent years.

Meanwhile, strong worded response to Ben's post on the difficulty of polar expeditions from Mikey Barnes:

'The BBC have managed to cheapen, c**p and p**s all over the North and South Poles with their idiotic fakey 'exploration' docs, firstly driving to the pole with Top Gear and now Fogie [sic] and crew supported by back up trucks and film crews. This has had the rather sad effect of making the trek to either pole look no more challenging than a cold walk in the park or a drive to the corner shops. Both of these programs are supported by dozens of 'hidden' fixers experts and agents – the dishonesty turns my stomach. Programs like these have the opposite effect to intended – stealing and sucking all of the adventure, magic and mystery from these places.' Thoughts?
PolarAlex HibbertComment