off the radar and writing

Apologies for the lack of posts of late - training here at Commando Training Centre is ever increasing in tempo and the coming weeks will continue to do so. At the weekend I will deploy on the four week Commando Course, culminating in the four Commando Tests - all being well I should earn my green beret in the first week of June. This means complete lack of communication for the duration as we don't get told where we'll be from one day to the next. Exciting but serious stuff and time to focus on the symbol that has dominated the last seven months of training.

On another note, there's good news. Following the circulation of the opening chapter of my book, The Long Haul, on this site and elsewhere, I have agreed a book deal with a publisher and distributor. This sadly means that the remainder of the book won't be published online, so you'll have to wait a few months until the official release for the rest of the story! It's great to have this opportunity and it'll be a tough few months ahead balancing training with writing!