more sparse than you might think

You would be forgiven for thinking that half the population have skied to the Poles if the newspapers are anything to go by. I've been doing some reading and here are some surprising facts:

No-one has skied to the South Pole unsupported from the true coast (e.g. Berkner Island) since 1999, having first been achieved in 1993. Only 17 people in total have done so.

No-one has ever reached the South Pole in winter

No-one has ever skied to and returned from the South Pole fully without support from the true coast

No-one has ever fully traversed the Antarctic (water to water) fully without support

Only 2 people have crossed the Arctic Ocean without support

Only in 2007 did a team manage to reach the North Pole in the winter night, after 84 days

The North Pole was not reached fully without support until 1994

Any other staggering ones I've missed, let me know! I'd like to think it's a call to arms for those who believe anything is possible. It most certainly hasn't 'all been done'.

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