a slightly uncomfortable reminder

As I was reading through some of Captain R.F. Scott's diaries from his early 1901-1904 Discovery expedition, I found a really interesting passage from their Western Journey which read:

'There is a good deal of pain also in the tent at night, and we try to keep our faces as still as possible; laughing is a really painful process, and from this point of view jokes were not to be encouraged.'

This was a really vivid reminder of a couple of weeks ago when climbing in the Alps. On the second day I managed to sustain burns to my lower face and neck, which locked my mouth more or less shut, and I remember dreading one of my companions making a joke which almost always resulted in shooting pains across my face. A mixed blessing therefore as it's so important to keep cheerful when in discomfort! Thankfully the burns are now more or less healed and ready for the official launch of the expedition on Wednesday!