a message of support from polar explorer Pen Hadow

"It is as well the likes of Alex Hibbert stride amongst us with eyes fixed on the furthest horizons, because without them we are a spent force. Those looking outside their own organisations for inspiration would do well to rally behind this man’s vision and be a part of something that has magic in it.” - Pen Hadow

Pen Hadow has very kindly sent the team and I the above message of support which is a great boost for the next few months of endless preparations and fund-raising for the 'big off' in October. Pen is also in the process of preparing for his next polar venture.

More on Pen:

Hailed by the international media as one of the world's most accomplished polar explorers, Pen's own view continues to be that he's the most normal person he's ever met! He is the first - and only - person in history to have trekked alone, without assistance by aircraft, from Canada to the North Geographic Pole. He is also the first - and only - Briton to have trekked to both the North and South Geographic Poles without air support – feats which he achieved within a 12-month period.