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Svalbard store - LAUNCHING MARCH 2017

Examples INCLUDING shipping:

Montane Deep Cold Down Jacket - 3000NOK

Montane Deep Cold Down Jacket - 3000NOK

GoPro HERO 5 Black - 3950NOK

GoPro HERO 5 Black - 3950NOK

Black Diamond Deploy 7 - 950NOK for one, 1500NOK for two (750NOK each)

Black Diamond Deploy 7 - 950NOK for one, 1500NOK for two (750NOK each)

This is a simple, affordable service for people living in Svalbard to purchase goods, mostly for the outdoor industry, from the UK marketplace and save money for top quality items. Often, this can lead to very significant savings and means that you can be confident items are genuine and from major UK retailers.

The system is simple:

  1. Send us your request for the item/s you need.

  2. We send you a quote via email, including shipping to Longyearbyen.

  3. You choose within 48hrs whether to accept or reject the offer.

  4. If you accept, you transfer us the total in NOK via Transferwise.

  5. We ship you the goods and give you the tracking details (if applicable).

  6. You get a greater range and price of equipment!

TIP - combining multiple shipments will save even more money on shipping.

Note: We will give you two quotes - one including full insurance for the shipment, and one without. If you choose to save the money and use the non-insured option, we will give you the proof of sending and the courier name so that if there is a problem, you are able to solve it. For uninsured shipments, we cannot accept responsibility for loss after proof of sending. We do recommend the insured option.

Note 2: We use a variety of good couriers, and not Posten, so the compulsory Svalbard surcharge should not apply. For items over a value of 5000NOK, or special imports, there is a chance customs may levy a fee. We will not add on any extra fees.

Note 3: Items will either have a worldwide or UK warranty, and electrical items may have UK plugs, not EU ones. It is usually easy to get adapters for this.

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