The countdown begins (Benno Rawlinson)

The last few weeks and days especially have gone by in a whirlwind of activity. No amount of pre-planning, over six months of it, can negate the need for final tweaks and confirmations. Our flats have resembled small warehouses with bags and kit piled in neat stacks all over the place. Occasionally, and most ably, assisted by Tala of course, one of our dogs heading out with us on the trip - sprinting between everything or overlooking the whole procedure with a knowing look. She has been particularly keen when food has been involved as we snack at every possible occasion - with us putting on the last bit of ‘polar podge’ weight before the trip.

The preparation, a mammoth task, is done and in a couple of hours we will be beginning our journey over to northern Canada. Just to get to the start line is taking the best part of a week with four flights and half a day of driving. Errands need to be run at every stop.

All our comforts will start to be stripped away as we swap our comparatively cosy lives for -30degC temperatures and a home that we will be erecting and taking down daily as we drag ourselves and the 250kg sleds from one side of Canada in the east all the way to the west, along the North West Passage.

It is the start of one epic adventure! We will keep you up to date as much as we possibly can, so please do check back here and don’t forget the regular Twitter feed and our tracker map.

Alex Hibbert1 Comment