Private Guiding


Utilising his hundreds of days of experience in highly challenging arctic conditions, Alex offers private polar guiding to those who wish to test themselves on their own expedition. All packages are entirely bespoke to match your abilities and ambitions and to suit any budget.

Alex offers services and consultation in a wide variety of locations, using his extensive network of contacts and suppliers. Typical dates for expeditions are:

Antarctica October-January (from £40,000pp)

Greenland March-September (from £5,500pp)

Lake Baikal, Siberia January-May

Iceland Vatnajökull Icecap February-August (from £1,500pp)

Norway January-April (from £1,000pp)

UK Training Year-round (from £150pp)

UK-based consultation Year-round (from £100pp - see below for details)

Aside from his dozens of weeks leading ground-breaking expeditions, Alex has experience guiding clients of all abilities, from novice to experienced and in diverse locations such as Norway and Greenland. His safety and preparation standards are second to none and will arrange all logistical aspects including permits, insurance and chartered transportation.

'I was fortunate enough to be guided by Alex for an unsupported six man crossing of the Greenland icecap in 2010. His knowledge, confidence and disciplined approach to all the elements of the expedition were exemplary. At a time when a number of crossings failed when we were on the ice, we can put much of our success down to Alex.' Testimonial from 2010 Greenland Icecap client

'It was a great trip and the experience was everything I had hoped it would be. The team was excellent and Alex was an exemplary guide and leader.' Guiding client from two trips


Do you have an idea for an independent expedition in the cold regions of the world but have no idea where to start? Alex has wide-ranging experience in researching, planning and delivering both small-scale and high-end expeditions. A single day of face-to-face advice can save months of head-scratching and frustration. Alex can travel to your location and assist on topics including:


Equipment selection

Contact/supplier introductions


Feasibility studies and realistic mileage predictions